fotomateriaal is eigendom van “the white stallion”. Alle rechten voorbehouden
Onze vaste dansavonden zijn elke week op dinsdag en donderdagavond vanaf 19.30 uur tot 22.00 Door op de week te klikken opent u de bijbehorende danssheets. De danssheets zijn afkomstig van SCDF en Nieuwe Dansjes 2019 Week 25: Honky Tonk Time Machine/George Strait - Honky Tonk Time Machine Week 24: Nothing’s Gonna Take me AwayGeorge Strait - Take me Away Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: Herhalingen Week 21:On The Line/George Strait - She Lays It All on The Line Week 20: Sweet As Honey/ Derek Ryan & Lisa McHugh - Honey Honey Week 19: Herhalingen Week 18: Country Looks Good On You/Gabe Garcia -  Country Looks Good On You Week 17: Magnifico Mexico/Marty Rivers - Magnifico Mexico Week 16: Codigo/George Strait - Codigo Week 15: Herhaling Autumn Rose/Rick Trevino - Autumn Rose Week 14: Perfume and Diamonds/Cody Johnson - Notin’ On You Week 13: Apparently Not/Buck Ford - Apparently Not Week 12: More Than You Ever Know/Travis Tritt - More Than You Ever Know Week 11: Sweet Little Lady/The Lincolns - Sweet Little Lady Week 10: Herhalingen Week 9: Gouwe Ouwe: Rollin in My Sweet Baby’s Arms/Boxcar Willie Week 8: A Little Left Over/Vince Gill - A Little Left Over Week 7:Veil of Tears/Hal Ketchum - Veil of Tears Week 6: Missing Merle/Dale Watson & Ray Benson - Feelin’ Haggard Week 5: Oh Me Oh My Oh/Derek Ryan - Oh Me Oh My Oh Week 4: Herhalingen Week 3: Guitars & Cadillacs/Dwight Yoakam - Guitars & Cadillacs Nieuwe Dansjes 2018 Week 47: Herhaling Week 46:Poison Love/Alison Krauss - Poison Love Week 45: Bound Ta Git Down/Shooter Jennings - Bond Ta Git Down Week 44:Burning The Road House Down/Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks - Burning The Road House Down Week 43: Dixie Shuffle/Dixie Chicks Week 42: Boys Are Back In Town/The Bus Boys - Boys Are Back In Town Week 41: Ice Cold Corona/Zac Brown Band - Start Over Week 40: Herhalingen Week 39: I’ll Just Take These/Dwight Yoakam - I’ll Just Take These Week 38: Except Monday/Lorrie Morgan - Except for Monday Week 37: Have I Told You/Elizma Theron - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Week 36: Clap your Hands?Die Cambells - Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet Week 27 t/m 35 Vakantie en Herhalingen. Week 26: Silver Shadow/Carlene Carter - World of Miracles Week 25: Rusty Strings/Dick van Altena - Rusty on my Strings Week 24: Blue, Blue Day/Anne Murray - Blue Blue Day Week 23: Pina Colada Cha/Garth Brooks - Two Oina Colada’s Week 22: Honswaltz/Vince Gill - Love Never Broke Anyone’s Heart Week 21: Take The Highway/Bryan Adams - You Belong To Me Week 20: All the Kings Horses/Midland - Out of Sign Week 18:Islands In The Stream/Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Islands In The Stream     Tumbling Rush/Trisha Yearwood - They Call It Falling For A Reason Week 17: Let Me Of/Dwight Yoakam - Stop the World Week 16: Herhalingen Week 15: Herhalingen Week 14: Tara’s Dance/Kevin Fowler - Love Song Week 13: Cumbia/Sparx - El De Los Ojos Negros                 Aces And Eights/Derek Ryan - Full House Empty Heart Week 12: For The Ages/The Mavericks - For The Ages Week 11: Bocephus/Hank Williams - Born To Boogie Week 10: Long Tall Sally/Cagey Strings - Long Tall Sally Week 9: Slip AroundWith Me/Jann Browne - The One You Slip Around With Me Week 8: One Love/Carlene Carter - One Love Week 7: Herhalingen Week 6: Maybe Somewhere/oby Keith - South of You Week 5: Herhalingen Week 4: MySweet Senorita/Billy McCoy & Kathy Lee - Louisa Week 3: Hookin’ Up/Bo Walton - Hookin’ Up Nieuwe Dansjes 2017 Week 46: Railroad/Bernie Healey - Railroad Bum Week45: We’ve Got Time/Bernie Heaney - What I’ve Got in Mind Week 44: Chicken Truck/Shane Owens - Chicken Truck Week 43: All Gods Childern/Robert Mizzell - Travelling Shoes Week 42:I Must Be Dreaming/Bo Walton - Don’t Wake Me Up Week 40 &41: The Grand Tour/Aaron Neville - The Grand Tour Week 39: Whiskey Tears/JP Harris and the Tough Choices - Two For The Road Week 38: Herhalingen Week 37: I Picked The Wrong Night/Lisa McHugh - Wrong Night Week 36: Hey Porter/Marty Stuart - Hey Porter Week 26:Amarillo By Morning/John Arthur Martinez - Amarillo By Morning Week 25:Three Minute Love Affair/Withney Rose - Three minute Love Affair Week 24: Are You Teasing Me/Roy Daniels - Are You Teasing Me Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: Could’ve Been The Whiskey/Mike Denver - Wasn’t That A Party Week 21: Herhalingen Week 20: Take Me For Who I Am/Dave Sheriff - Take Me For Who I Am Week 19: Never Happy/Dolly Parton - I Hope You Never Happy Week 18: I Will Be Yours/The Mavericks - I Will Be Yours Week 16&17: Herhalingen Week 15: Rolling Along/The Mavericks Rolling Along Week 14: Outta Style/Aaron Waton - Outta Style Week 13: Once Bitten Twice Shy/Robert Mizzell - Gone, Gone, Gone Week 12: Holel Down In My Heart/Sam Outlaw - Hole Down In My Heart Week 11: Stay All Night/Derek Ryan - Stay All Night Week 10: Herhalingen Week 9:   Herhalingen Week 8: Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels/ Joey & Rory Week 7: Happy, Happy, Happy/Dean Brody - Soggy Bottom Summer Week 6: You Deserve Better/Vince Gill & Paul Franklin -  He Don’t Deserve You Anymore Week 5: Happy Man/Derek Ryan - Happy Man Week 4: Country Boy Rock & Roll/ Marty Stuart & Kenny Vaughan - Country Boy Rock & Roll Week 3: Turn To Me/Danny Everett - Turn To Me Nieuwe Dansjes 2016 Week 50: Onze speciale Kerstles Week 49: Herhalingen Week 48: Herhalingen Week 47: Pacifico/Toby Keith - Cabo San Lucas Week 46: All Heaven Allows/The Mavericks - All That Heaven Would Allow Week 45: Autumn Rose/Rick Trevino - Autumn Rose Week 44: The Love Of a Woman/Chuck Mead - Ain’t Nothing Like The Love Of a Woman Week 43: Herhalingen Week 42: A Quarter In My Pocket/Mark Chesnutt - I’ve Got A Quarter In My Pocket Week 41: Going Up The Country/A Nyughatatian - Going Up The Country Week 40: Herhalingen Week 39:Lyin’& Cheatin’/Pat James - It’s All Coming Back Week 38: Some Girls Will/Mike Denver - SomeGirls Will, Some Girls Won’t Week 37: Rosa Del Mar/Gabe Garcia - Rosa Del Mar Week 36: Is It Wrong/Terry White Band - Is It Wrong (for Loving You) Week 35: Close Up The Honky Tonks/Dawn Sears - Close Up The Honky Tonks Week 26: Bring On The Good Times/Lisa McHugh - Bring On The Good Times Week 25: Sad Mama/Dwight Yoakam - Don’t Be Sad Week 24: 2 Line Highway/Vince Gill - Me And My Girl Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: Going To The Chapel/Heather Myles & Dwight Yoakam - Little Chapel Week 21: Angeleno/Sam Outlaw - Angeleno Week 20: Heartbreak Express/Dixie Chicks - Tonight The Heartache”s On Me Week 19: I’m Not Jealous/Sam Outlaw - I’m Not Jealous Week 18: Herhalingen Week 17: She’s KInd/Pat James - She’s Kind Week 16: Who Do You Think You Are/Sam Outlaw - Who Do You Think You Are Week 15: Herhalingen Week 14: Shattered Dreams/Joey & Rory - How’s The World Treating You Week 13: Herhalingen Week 12: You’re On My Mind/Joanie Brooks - You’re On My Mind Again Week 11: Just Everybody’s Friend/Sonny Marshall - Eye’s As Big As Dallas Week 10: Staying In Love/Gerardo & Jacky Pourchez ft. Pinchitos Caliente - Staying In Love Week 9: It Takes All Kinds/George Strait - It Take All Kinds Week 8:Herhalingen Week 7: Fair Warning/Toby Keith - Every Time I Drink I Fall In Love Week 6: Wings Of a Dove/The Mavericks - Children Week 5: Good At Leaving/Ashley Monroe - I’m Good At Leavin Week 4: Love Her For a While/Sam Outlaw - Love Her For a While Week 3: Sadie’s Dress/Lee Matthews - Sadie’s Got a New Dress Week 2: Good Bye Eyes/Sammy Johns - Good Bye Eyes Nieuwe Dansjes 2015 Week 49: Feels @ Home/George Strait - That’s Wher My Baby Feels At Home Week 48: Cha Cha Roma/Sammy Kershaw - Third Rate Romance Week 47: Back to Front/Buddy Jewell & Miranda Lambert - Today I Start Loving You Again Week 46: Come Sundown/Rodney Crowell - Come Sundown Week 45: I’m Coming Home/The Hayley Oliver Band - I’m Coming Home Week 44: Low Key/Kevin Moon - Low Key Week 41: Patsy Fagan/Derek Ryan - Patsy Fagan Week 40: Kid Rock Alabama/Kid Rock - All Summer Long Week 39: It’s All Going To Pot/Willy Nelson & Merle Haggard - It’s All Going To Pot Week 38: Little Liza Jane/Vince Gill - Liza Jane Week 37: Down At The Station/Billy Yates - Down At The Station Week 36: Everybody Else Can Kiss My a**/Sunny Sweeney - Everybody Else Can Kiss My a** Week 28: Gouwe Ouwe: Storm Thunder Sunshine/Dr Hook - Storms Never Last Week 27: Like A Rose For 2/Ashley Monroe - Like A Rose Week 26: God Must Be A Cowboy/Dan Seals - God Must Be A Cowboy At Heart Week 25: Sissi’s Dance/Alan Jackson - Her Life’s A Song Week 24: Herhalingen Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: The Fifth/Leslie Tom - I’ll Take The Fifth Week 21: What Do I Do/Leslie Tom - What Do I Do With Me Now Week 19 t/m 20 Herhalingen Week 18: Till It’s Gone/George Strait - You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Week 17: Borracho Grande/Kevin Fowler - Barracho Grande Week 16: We Wanna Boogie/Andy Lee Lang, Sonny Burgess & D J Fontana Week 15: Herhalingen Rhyme Or Reason/Sugerland - It Happens                                     Lightning Polka/Dixie Chicks - Sin Wagon Week 14: Tequila, Sherry And Sheila/Rodney Carrington - Wish She Would Have Left Quicker Week 13: There's The Door/The Mavericks - Out The Door Week 12: The Last Living Cowboy/Toby Keith - The Last Living Cowboy Week 11: Herhaling, Jai Du Boogie/Scooter Lee Week 10: Her Memory/Mike Cowan - Talkin'To Her Memory Again Week 9: Triple Mix/Nathan Carter - Country Medley Week 7: Once In A Lifetime/Heartbeat - Once In A Lifetime Week 6: Cause I'm Damned/Zane Williams - Damned Week 5: Memphis Love/Roch Voisine - That's How I Got To Memphis Week 4: They Call Me The Breeze/JJ Cale - They Call Me The Breeze Week 3: Love Is A Miracle/Mark Chesnutt - Your Love Is A Miracle Nieuwe Dansjes 2014 Week 48: Applejack/Lisa McHugh - Apple Jack Week 47: The Celebration Dance/Johnny Cash - A Thing Called Love Week 46: Woman Trouble/Travis Tritt - Take It Easy Week 45: Gouwe Ouwe: Fifteen Cents Week 44: You're Right, I'm Wrong/Bryan Austin - You're Right, I'm Wrong Week 43: Tossin' & Turning/Jason McCoy - Heartache Week 42: Gouwe Ouwe: Addicted To Love/David Ball - Country Boy Boogie                Partnerdans:  Five Minutes/Miranda Lambert - Texas As Hell                                    Alternatieve muziek Catherine Britt - I'm Gone Week 41: Herhalingen Week 40:This Could Be The One/Flaco Jimenez - This Could Be The One Week 39: 2 Gouwe ouwe: Three Step Boogie/Desert Rose Band - One Step Forward                                        Shades of Blue/Suzy Boguss & Chet Atkins - Two Shades of Blue Week 38: Makita/Jamie O'Neal - Just One Time Week 37: Lord Help Me/The Bellamy Brothers - Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person Week 36: Pack Your Bags/Miranda Lambert ft. The Time Jumpers - All That's Left Week 35: High Cotton/ Alabama - High Coton Week 27 t/m  34: Herhalingen en Vakantie Week 26: Herhalingen & Patient Heart en Vertical Expression Week 25: Herhalingen Week 24: No Honky Tonk/The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - No Honky Tonks Week 23: Waikiki/Dick van Altena - Waikiki Week 22: Herhalingen Week 21: No Mercy/The Common Linnets - Time Has No Mercy Week 20: Leti/Gord Bamford ft. Joe Diffie - Country Junkie Week 19: Come As You Are/Darryl Worley - Honkytonk Life Week 18: Herhalingen Week 17: Tears On A Highway/The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm Week 16: Empty Dreams/Fools Gold - Land of Empty Dreams Week 15: Baby Kisses/ The Jenkins - My Baby's Kiss Week 14: Invitation To The Blues/Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell Week 13: XLR8/Travis Tritt - Rough Around The Edges Week 12: Dream Lover/Jason Donovan - Dream Lover Week 11: Fall In Love/Tim Redmond - Never Gonna Fall In Love Week 10: Lennerockers Stroll/The Lennerockers - Lennerockers Stroll Week 9: Joyride/Billy Currington - One Way Ticket Week 8: Burning Blue/The Lennerockers - Old Flame Burning Blue Week 7: El Camino/Bigfoot - El Camino Week 6: Alabama Boy/Kacey Smith - Alabama Boy Week 5: Sex, Love And Texas/Jackson Taylor & The Sinners - Sex, Love And Texas Week 4: Wagon Wheel Rock/Nathan Carter - Wagon Wheel Week 3: Eighteen Lonely Months/Toby Keith - I'll Probably Be Out Fishin Nieuwe Dansjes 2013 Week 50: Better Times/Derek Ryan - Better Times A Comin'' Week 49: Herhalingen Week 48: This Is Me/James House - This Is Me Missing You Week 47: Dingy Bar/Lari White - Where The Lights Are Low Week 46: High Times/Travis Tritt - High Time For Gettin' Down Week 45: Silver Lining/Kacey Musgraves - Silver lining (Maggie Callagher) Week 44: Herhalingen Week 43: Long Time Gone/Nathan Carter - Long Time Gone Week 42: MFC/Billy Yates - Mama's Fried Chicken Week 41: Skiffle Time/The Jive Aces - Mama Don't Allow Week 40: Nobody's Fool/Vince Gill - Nobody's Fool But Yours Week 39: Herhalingen Week 38: Amsterdam Moonlight/The Mavericks - Amsterdam Moon Week 37: Bruises/Ashley Monroe - Bruises Week 36: Dreams I Dream/Nashville Friends - Mexico Week 35: The Gimmese Boogie/Jill King - Can't Let Go Week 34 Herhalingen Week 30 t/m 33 Vakantie Week 27, 28,en 29 Herhalingen Week 26: My next Broken Heart/Brooks & Dunn - My Next Broken Heart Week 25: Cha Lay Low/Blake Shelton - Lay Low Week 24: Burning Love/Travis Tritt - Burning Love Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: Whiskey Instead Of Wine/Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead Of Roses Week 21: You Ain't Dolly/Ashley Monroe & Blake Shelton - You Ain't Dolly Week 20: You Got That Thang/Uncle Kracker - You Got That Thang Week 19: Herhalingen Week 18: Herhalingen Week 17: Dog River Blues/Alan Jackson - Dog River Blues Week 16: Earthbound/Rodney Crowell - Earthbound Week 15: Goud van Oud Week 14: Old Flames/Dolly Parton - Can't Hold A Candle To You               Honky Tonk Daddy/The Backsliders - Cowboy Boots Week 13: Storm Of Love/Rodney Crowell - Storm Of Love                Rock Around The Clock/Ronnie McDowell - Yippi Ti Yi Yo (Oude dans opnieuw uitgelest) Week 12: All Over Again/The Mavericks - All Over Again Week 11: Maverockin'/The Mavericks - As Long As There's Loving Tonight Week 10: Ain't Drinking Any Less/Kevin Fowler - Ain't Drinking Anymore Week 9: Winners & Losers/ The Mavericks - The Losing Side Of Me Week 8: Mexi-fest/The Mavericks - Back In Your Arms Again Week 7: herhaling Week 6: Shame On Me/Ken Mellons - Shame On Me Week 5: Shotgun House/Shane Worley - Shotgun House Week 4: Our House Of Love/Billy Yates - Our House Of Love Week 3: Is It Friday Yet/Gord Bamford - Is It Friday Yet Nieuwe Dansjes 2012 Week 52: Vakantie Week 51: Herhaling Week 50: Herhaling Week 49: Herhaling Week 48: Jose Cuervo'97/Kimber Clayton - Jose Cuervo                Clickery Clack/Travis Tritt - Southbound Train Week 47: Wake Up Little Susie/Brian McComas - Wake Up Little Susie Week 46: You Don't Talk/Rodney Hayden - You Don't Talk I Don't Listen 4 Wall Line Dance                You Don't Talk/Rodney Hayden - You Don't Talk I Don't Listen  Partner Dance Week 45: I Said I Love You/Raul Malo - I Said I Love You Week 44: Open Heart Cowboy/Dean Brody - Little Yellow Blanket Week 43: Whatcha Reckon/Josh Turner - Whatcha Reckon Week 42: Ford Boogie/Eleven Hunderd Springs - V-8 Ford Boogie Week 41: Herhaling Week 40: Sweet Little Dangerous/Heather Myles - Sweet Little Dangerous Week 39: Just Wright/Chely Wright - C"est La Vie Week 38: Shy Little Bayou Love/Jolie Holliday - Shy Little Bayou Love Week 37: Everybody's Sweetheart/Vince Gill - Everybody's Sweetheart Week 36: Disappearing Tail Lights/Gord Bamford -  Disappearing Tail Lights Week 35: Where The Wind Blows/The Zac Brown Band - The Wind Week 34: Herhaling Week 33:  Vakantie Week 32:  Vakantie Week 31:  Vakantie Week 30:  Vakantie Week 29: Herhaling Week 28: Herhaling Week 27: Herhaling Week 26: Is It Love Line & Partner Dans/Rodney Foster & Bill Loyd - Is It Love Week 25: Rockaway/Kellie Pickler - Rockaway Week 24: Importance/ Joey & Rory - That's  Important To Me               Raised On Love/Major Dundee  & Toni Wille - Raised On Love Week 23: Herhaling Week 22: All Good/Origineel:Joe Nichols  - It's all Good                             Snel:Martina McBride  - Pick me up on your way down                             Sneller: Gord Bamford  - Put some alcohol on it Week 21: Blue Café/ Danny Everett & Albert West - Blue Café Week 20: Herhaling Week 19: Because Of You/Rick Trevino - Olivia Week 18: Going Down The Mountain/The Honky Tonk Heroes - Going Down The Mountain Week 17: Never Again/Deryl Dodd - Never Again Week 16: Back In Love/ Alan Jackson - Let's Go Back To Me And You Week 15: Be Mine Tonight/Chris Isaak - It's Now Or Never Week14: Chicken Pluckin'/Jason Allen - Chicken Pluckin' Week 13: Herhaling Week 12: Whispering Your Name/ Chris Isaak - I Forgot To Remember To Forget She's Not You Week 11: Live It Up/Chris Isaak - Live It Up Week 10: Walking Away/The Zac Brown Band ft Alan Jackson - As She's Walking Away Week 9: Rhyme Or Reason/Sugarland - It Happens Week 8: Herhaling Week 7: A Thousand Ways/Shane Worley - I Love You A Thousand Ways Week 6:  Keep Me In Mind/The Zac Brown Band - Keep Me In Mind Optioneel: Savannah - K.I.S.S.I.N.G Week 5: A Dime a Dozen/Martina McBride - You ain't Woman Enough Week 4: Footloose/Blake Shelton - Footloose Week 3: Seein' Double/Chelly Wright - Feelin' Single, Seein' Double Week 2: Vakantie Week 1: Vakantie De danssheets zijn afkomstig van SCDF. Nieuwe Dansjes 2011 Week 52:Vakantie Week 51:Kerstles Week 50:Herhalingen Week 49:Herhalingen Week 48:Brazillian Cha Cha/Sammy Kershaw              I Need a Margarita/Clay Walker              Well Alright/Savannah Week 47:Next To Me/Ilse DeLange Week 46:Don't Let Me Down/Chris Young & Patti Loveless - Love Don't Let Me Down Week 45:The Race/Sawyer Brown - The Race is On Week 44:Silvery Moonlight Waltz/Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers - Some Things They Can't Take Away Week 43:Turn Around/Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers Week 42:Whiskey's Gone/Zac Brown Band Week 41:Solar Power/Brad Paisley - Workin On a Tan Week 40:Waco-A-Way/Ronnie Dunn - How Far To Waco Week 39:East Coast Switch/Danni Leigh - Ol' Lonesome Week 38:Herhalingen Week 37:Rose Garden/Martina McBride Week 36:Don't Drink The Water/Brad Paisley & Blake Shelton Week 35:Halleluja/Ricky Skaggs - I'm Ready To Go Week 34:Herhalingen Week 33:Vakantie Week 32:Vakantie Week 31:Vakantie Week 30:Vakantie Week 29:Herhalingen Week 28:Herhalingen Week 27:Herhalingen Week 26:No Way/ Mark Chesnutt - You Don't Make Me This Way Week 25:Big Jimmy/Graeme Connors - Big Jimmy and Felicidad Week 24:Crying Eyes/Two Tons Of Steel Week 23:Herhalingen Week 22:Herhalingen Week 21:Adios My Darling/Heather Myles - Vaya Con Dios Week 20:Clinging To You/Ed Burleson Week 19:Off My Rocker/Billy Currington Week 18 :Carrousel/Ilse DeLange Week 17:Autumn Rose/Rick Trevino Week 16:Foolish Me/Jan Slow Week 15:Herhalingen Week 14:How Lonely/Jim Byron - How Lonely Does Lonely Get Week 13:Don't Be Fooled/Zac Brown Band - Make This Day Week 12:Telepathy/Toby Keith - You Can't Read My Mind Week 11:Mexicoma/Bucky Covington - Mexicoma Week 10:Herhalingen Week 9:Don't Give A Blank/Kevin Fowler Week 8:Orison/Steff Nevers - Let It Run Week 7:Trailerhood/Toby Keith Week 6:Herhalingen Week 5:All You Need/Brad Paisley - All You Need Is love Week 4:San Antonio Baby/Raul Malo Week 3: 2 Lonely Arms, 2 Lips/Teea Goans - Two Arms, Two Lips, Too Lonely, Too Long Week 2:Herhalingen Week 1:Vakantie Nieuwe Dansjes 2010 Week 50: Kerstles Week 49: Herhalingen Week 48: Jacob's Ladder/Mark Wills - Jacob's Ladder Week 47: Doing Our Thing/Blake Shelton - The Thing We Do Week 46: Little Old Kisses/Julian Austin -Little Old Kisses Week 45: Herhalingen Week 44: Excuse Me While I Cry/Jan Slow - Excuse Me While I Cry Week 43: Knee Deep/Zac Brown Band - Knee Deep Week 42: In Mexico/Jerrod Niemann - Down In Mexico Week 41: Sensuos Women/Mark Chesnutt - Sensuos Women Week 40: Red Wine/Chris Young - Gettin' You Home Week 39: Baby Please Don't Go/Vince Gill - Baby Please Don't Go Week 38: Herhalingen Week 37: Mexicali/Tobias Rene - Mexico Week 36: Old Cheyenne/Joe Nicols - Old Cheyenne Week 35: Herhalingen Week 34: Vakantie Week 33: Vakantie Week 32: Vakantie Week 31: Vakantie Week 30: Herhalingen Week 29: Herhalingen Week 28: Herhalingen Week 27: Bliss!/Alan Jackson-That's Where I Belong Week 26: Eye Candy/Josh Turner-Eye Candy Week 25: Herhalingen Week 24: Hallelujah/Christ Family-Big Hallelujah Week 23: Herhalingen Week 22: Coolchick (partnerdance)/Go Cat Go-Please Mama Please Week 21: Messed Up In Memphis/Darryl Worley-Messed Up in Memphis Week 20: A Mother's Love/Heather Myles-Mama's A Star Week 19: Broke Back Waltz/Teddy Thompson-I Don't Want to Say Goodbye Week 18: Coolchick/Go Cat Go-Please Mama Please Week 17: You Don't I Don't/Rodney Hayden-You Don't Talk... Week 16: Drinking My Baby Goodbye/Charlie Daniels Band-Drinking My Baby Goodbye Week 15: Herhalingen Week 14: Why Don't We Just Dance/Josh Turner-Why Don't We Just Dance Week 13: Chasing Each Other/Merle Haggard-'Let's Chase Each Other 'Round The Room Tonight" Week 12: Stop the Love/Brady Seals - Love You too Much Week 11: Feel Right/Tanya Tucker - Feel Right Week 10: Wounded Pride/Heather Myles - Don't Call Me Week 9: Right over the Top/Dwight Yoakam - Above and Beyond Week 8: King of Your Heart/Rodney Crowell - Don't get Better than This Week 7: Herhalingen Week 6: Tear Stained Letter/Patty Loveless - New Dreams Week 5: Speak with Your Heart/Collin Raye - Speak with Your Heart Week 4: Hop It/Chely Wright - Go On And Go Week 3: Chickenfried Stomp/Zac Brown Band - Chickenfried